“Calais: Welcome to the Jungle”

is a journalistic project
exploring the challenges of migration in the 21st century.

We produce articles, we make documentaries, we organize readings and discussions
and we present our findings in multi-media storytelling.
Whatever it takes.

All we want is to stimulate a rational and mature debate on complicated issues.

Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten, January 2016.

6 juli 2016 VARA NPO2 23:40 - 0:35

Broadcast on Dutch TV of the documentary
'Calais: Welcome to the jungle'

Calais Attack: 600k Hits

The Four Reasons

We have been criticized for putting the video clip from our attack online.
People told us it was an irresponsible act that would fuel right wing, anti-migrant sentiments.
However, we have a few sets of very specific reasons which we wish to make explicit here.

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The only thing we hope for is

to stimulate a sophisticated, mature and realistic debate on migration. For this, we are making our documentary and write lengthy articles. The attack video turned out to be the perfect teaser.

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Teun Voeten

Teun Voeten studied cultural anthropology and philosophy. He has photographed conflicts worldwide since 1990. Voeten wrote books on the underground homeless in New York, the war in Sierra Leone and the drug violence in Mexico.

Maaike Engels

Maaike Engels graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam as an animator in 2001. Since then has has worked as a VJ, media-professional, art-director and video-artist, currently with a strong focus on concept & document.


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